How quickly half a year passes…

So I was scrolling through my bookmarks, and realized I have not posted here in several months. We’ve been tied up in editing, art production, and preparing our marketing strategy.

Oh, and I’ve been writing the books too…

It’s amazing what it takes. You sit down in front of a blank page to start a book, and you think that is the hardest part of being a “writer”. Then, once you get published, you realize the work actually now begins. The brushing up of the text — the choosing of fonts. The cover art — the choice of its font. The interior map — and what color each font on it should be. A marketing/book tour plan — and what font looks good on the promo material.

But those are cheap complaints next to the thrill, excitement, and downright honor of having someone like your work so much that they are willing to put money behind it (AND think they will make money off of it).

If you want to get published, just always remember — the Golden Rule holds true in art and literature as much as it does anywhere else in the world. “He who has the gold makes the rules.”


About jthartke

It is well known that J. T. slew several dragons in the pasture near the farm where he grew up. Many other quests, often borne from the classic books of fantasy literature, confounded his days and long nights. Those journeys sprang forth from the pages of Tolkien, Feist, Jordan, and Eddings. J. T. kept his flashlight well hidden under a tent of blankets and pillows, for fear that an ogre might see the light after bedtime. After a long dark quest through a much feared land known as "Q'orp'orate Qubicle", he was cast out to find his own way. He spent some time cooking for an insane master. J. T. then took it upon himself to create his own quest -- and thus was born The Dragonsoul Saga.
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