We have another winner!

For those who follow on Goodreads, you know that we have had yet a third free giveaway of Book 1, A Balance Broken. This time, Sandy from Los Alamitos, CA won a copy, and it is on its way in the US mail. Hope she enjoys as much as all our other winners have.

Another update: looks like our publisher, Imagined Interprises has finally signed fantasy art legend Larry Elmore to do new editions of his work “Snarfquest”. Very excited to see where that goes.

And on Book 2, we are beginning editorial passes of the first 25% this week. More updates on that to come.

I had a new interview go up with Craven Games. I think it was great, and so might you.  Check it out at: http://cravengames.com/interviews/dragonsoul-saga-author-j-t-hartke-on-a-balance-broken.html

And one last note, The Dragonsoul Saga Short Number 2, “A Thief’s Discovery”, is now available for Nook and Kindle.  Make sure you download it now for only 99 cents. It should help tide you over until book 2 comes out next summer.

So, that’s just the info for now.  Next time I’ll try to write something more fun!


About jthartke

It is well known that J. T. slew several dragons in the pasture near the farm where he grew up. Many other quests, often borne from the classic books of fantasy literature, confounded his days and long nights. Those journeys sprang forth from the pages of Tolkien, Feist, Jordan, and Eddings. J. T. kept his flashlight well hidden under a tent of blankets and pillows, for fear that an ogre might see the light after bedtime. After a long dark quest through a much feared land known as "Q'orp'orate Qubicle", he was cast out to find his own way. He spent some time cooking for an insane master. J. T. then took it upon himself to create his own quest -- and thus was born The Dragonsoul Saga.
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