The Dragonsoul Saga

In a time before the Dragon Wars consumed Tarmor, the Dragonsouls ruled over the five races. Then, during the destruction of the Cataclysm that followed the wars, the Dragonsouls disappeared. Most wizards thought them destroyed forever, and a great peace settled over the land, each of the five races finding its place, decimated and hidden as it may be.

But the winds of Chaos blow eternal, and peace can never last. Secrets thought hidden are oft discovered. Though magic only remains in the hands of a few, and the Paladins of Balance are vanishing, some may still stand against the coming storm. Those who will rise have yet to prove themselves, and who stokes the tempest is yet to be known.

“A Balance Broken” is the first tale of The Dragonsoul Saga, a story to span an epic horizon, yet enter the hidden recesses of the human heart, even if that heart is not so human.


2 Responses to The Dragonsoul Saga

  1. Auda says:

    I truely enjoyed A Balance Broken and A Healers Lesson. To be honest I’m very dissappointed that book 2 is not available. Please write/edit/publish quickly – I loved the first book and can hardly wait for the second. A great world, and a great story.

    • jthartke says:

      Hi Auda! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading. Honestly, your disappointment at Book 2 not being out is as good a compliment as I can get.
      Right now, I am writing and well on my way to having it in for editing by New Year’s Eve, my deadline. We will have it available in time for Comic Con next year.
      In the meantime, my next short story, “A Thief’s Discovery”, will soon be available at the publisher’s website:
      Keep an eye our here for updates!

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